Jack Winn LumiGloss Champagne Toner

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Hair goes through a lot. From salon visits and heat styling, to the environment and everyday stress, your locks could use some TLC. Reverse all that damage and rejuvenate your hair with LumiGloss. With panthenol and hydrolyzed proteins, LumiGloss offers intense hydration, balances porosity & heals the hair to prevent future breakage. 

LumiGloss Champagne is a must-have for blondes and lighter brunettes! Along with intense hydration, this toning mask includes deposits to refresh color, add luster and depth & perfectly balance warm and cool tones.


HOW TO USE: Use LumiGloss as a conditioning treatment after shampooing with your favorite Jack Winn Care shampoo. Apply generously to wet hair from roots through ends. Wait 5-10 minutes and rinse until clean. Use LumiGloss every 2-6 washes for ultimate hydration and shine. Use more frequently to maintain or refresh color after a salon service.