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I've been passionate about personal style for 24 years and counting!!

My name is Laura and I am passionate about shape, color and texture! This combination can take a person from zero to hero- instantly increasing the way that people view you. Let's collaborate to create something truly special and tailored just for you. I can design a style that will bring your personality to the surface. I don't stop there- I'll teach you how to care for your hair, educate you on the math of your face, and guide you through head to toe fashion. Consult with me and I'll help you achieve your ideal style.

Specialty Services

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45 Minute Design Consultation

I use my decades of expertise to create a specialized hair design just for you based on your "Free Accessories"- your facial features & skin tone. This process works wonders for clients seeking guidance on how to care for their hair.  I can help teach you which product will suit you best daily and seasonally.  This process allows you to ask for just what your hair needs anywhere you go.

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Stylin' People

This is a unique take on fashion, color & texture! Discover what you already have in your closet to make you pop amongst your peers. Most people already have plenty to work with so this service takes it to the next level by being specific to your body and what colors and textures will make you look your best. Remember you do not need to overspend when you understand shape and tone.

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